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Direct Forge Heat Treatment Line

Type of installation: tunnel

Charge disposal: individual part on continuous handling system

Executable Heat Treatments: controlled cooling and isothermal permanence

Heating: electric

Productivity: 2.200 kg/hour

Temperatures: from 1200°C to 650°C, and permanence at 650°C

Specific request: perlite percentage as by pre-set parameter

Destination: manufacturer of high precision and mechanical resistance components.
Market: Automotive, Earth moving machines, Transports, Energy
Products: parts for specific applications like drivelines, transmissions, engines, control
systems, transfer systems, towing systems, lifting systems.

Heat Treatment Furnace for parts for aerospace industry, in compliance with Nadcap / AMS2750 E

Type of installation: chamber type

Charge disposal: inside racks placed side by side

Executable Heat Treatments: globular annealing, iso-thermal annealing

Heating: natural gas

Productivity: 2 racks/cycle

Temperatures: max. 350°C – 1050°C

Temperature uniformity: +/- 5°C (class 2 AMS2750 rev. E, instrumentation type D+)

Destination: manufacturer of parts for automotive, aerospace, railway industry
Market: Aerospace
Product: rings

Heat Treatment Furnace for globular annealing

Type of installation: car-bottom type

Charge disposal: inside racks on two rows, placed on piers

Executable Heat Treatments: globular annealing

Heating: natural gas

Productivity: 35 tons/cycle

Temperatures: max. 350°C – 1050°C

Temperature uniformity: +/- 6°C

Destination: manufacturer of automotive parts
Market: Automotive
Product: rings for bearings

Heat Treatment Installation for aluminum cylinder heads with water and air quench

Type of installation: tunnel, roller type

Charge disposal: inside stacked racks

Executable Heat Treatments: T6 (solution, water quench, air quench, aging, final cooling)

Heating: natural gas

Productivity: 2400 parts/day

Temperatures: max. 530°C for solution; max. 220°C for aging

Temperature uniformity: +/- 5°C

Destination: automotive parts manufacturer (cylinder heads, engine blocks, structural parts)
Market: Automotive
Product: cylinder heads

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Versatile Heat Treatment Installation for steel parts - On production

Type of installation: polyvalent car-bottom furnace

Charge disposal: inside racks or directly on piers

Executable Heat Treatments: normalization, globular annealing, subcritical annealing, tempering

Heating: natural gas

Size and capacity of the boogie-hearth: 7000 mm x 3300 mm, 30 ton.

Temperatures: 300°C – 1050°C

Temperature uniformity: +/- 6°C (class 2 AMS2750E)

Destination: third parties heat treater
Market: All
Product: different parts

Study Day "Deformazione permanente - dall'acciaio al processo" (Permanent Deformation - from the steel production to the process)

Installations for the Heat Treatment and the Handling of Large Diameter Rolled Rings. Plant Engineering Techniques Aimed to the Deformation Control.

Air Quench of Aluminium Castings for automotive industry

Scientific Paper on A&L Journal, Edimet, 6th issue

Study, laboratory tests and experience in the manufacturing of installations able to guarantee the best conditions for the quench of aluminium structural parts

With the contribution of: Edimet

Ready to provide our service in Mexico

We proudly announce the agreement for a cooperation between HI-TECH engineering srl, IDRA Mexico and Artimpianti de Mexico, in the Mexican territory.
IDRA Mexico and Artimpianti de Mexico (the last one with its 20 years of presence in Mexico), will house our company in their building expansion.
The target of this cooperation is to cover the Mexican territory for the assistance to existing customers and for commercial development: Idra Mexico’s building will also represent the show room and local site for HI-TECH for potential Mexican customers.
First sales approach and training/meeting rooms granted by IDRA Mexico, together with the technical support done by Artimpianti: these are some of the services ensured by this program.
The choice of cooperation with two long-term high professional companies came out from an existing positive partnership in Europe and the assumption to take benefit from the experience and commercial base in Mexico for spreading our technology.
“The die is cast” and we accept the challenge of a continuously moving market.